My braces are off!

Hi folks, Just stopping by to let you know that my lingual braces have been removed.

In just under one year, with lingual braces across the top and a short stint with clear aligners on the bottom, my smile is straight and gap free. It feels great to be able to bite into a baguette without worrying and I have to admit that I do catch myself flashing a secret smile in the mirror from time to time. ūüėČ

The clinic’s therapist, Helena took the wires and brackets away and replaced them with a thin, inconspicuous wire which will remain on the back of my teeth as a permanent retainer to keep everything in place. Dr Chatoo then had some removable retainers made (a great belt and braces approach!) which I am due to pick up in a few weeks.

So now’s the time for a before and after. I really am so¬†happy with my result.¬†I can’t recommend Asif ¬†and his team at LLOC highly enough.

Thank you!<3




Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 12.43.32




Lingual braces V Aligners

Hello ūüôā In my last post, I promised a video which would detail how I was getting along with the new aligners.¬†Luckily for you, I decided against using my rough¬†film-making skills¬†and have¬†proceeded with¬†a bit of writing instead.

Aligners?¬†¬†Clear aligners look a bit like a clear, thin mouthguard. You get a smaller size as you go along and they are a system which is gaining popularity in the world of adult tooth straightening. I was given a set of three aligners which¬†were designed to pull back my lower teeth so that my top teeth wouldn’t clash with them and treatment could be finished.

I thought it’d be a good idea to give an account of my short experience and compare it with my lingual braces which have been fixed onto the back of my top teeth for just over 10 months now. Here’s my verdict…

The Good

I am¬†really glad that I have been using these aligners because they have helped me move closer to having the teeth/smile¬†that I desire. Secondly, if worn for the amount of time that Dr Chatoo suggests (twenty¬†hours a day), the aligners seem to work quite quickly. I am lucky that my¬†lower teeth weren’t as bad as my top set. They had just a few mild,¬†wonky issues and because of this, I¬†saw movement after just three-four days of wearing the first aligner.

The bad

I wasn’t sure whether to entitle this section ‘ the bad’ or just ‘I’m bad’ because to be honest, the negative bit¬†of having my aligners is really down to me being a bit naughty. You’d think that being able to take my aligner out when I wished would have been a perk but in my experience, it became a bit of a curse. Knowing that I could just pop that bit of plastic out of my mouth when it got irritating or when I felt like it, was overwhelmingly tempting and¬†I¬†found that I started to¬†do it a lot. It got so bad that one morning, I spotted¬†my aligners on the floor, on the other side of the room-carelessly flung out of my mouth in middle of the night.

FullSizeRender copy 2


Why I like lingual

Maybe it’s just that certain systems suit different people or maybe it’s lack of willpower on my part but I did find the aligners quite¬†hard¬†to get used to.

Discovering that I had a reckless attitude towards aligners is another reason why I am pleased that I chose to have lingual treatment on my upper teeth. Yes, the braces took some getting used to but because they were fixed to the back of my teeth, I had little choice but to get used to them and after just one to two months in, I even started to forget that they were there.

Before I got braces, I remember worrying a lot about what I would eat but later found that this was only an issue for the first few days. During this time, I ate as much soft food as I could. It was also quite easy to be creative with food choices. ( See an earlier post for some ideas!) By the second week, with just a little more care, I was eating whatever I wanted.

Both systems have played their part in creating my ‘new smile’. In some ways, having my teeth straightened has been a journey, I no longer hide behind a hand when I laugh or cringe at the size of my gap in pictures.¬†In others way, it’s been an¬†easy ride. Being able to see the gap in my teeth closing has been really exciting and I can’t believe that it won’t be long until the braces come off. What I’ve learnt so far is that with a good orthodontist and the right treatment, the positive side of lingual braces far out ways the negative.


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20 weeks | How my teeth look now

I watched a video of a performance¬†from last year and was a bit horrified by how big the gaps in my teeth had got. In despair, I thought that this would be a good time to update the blog about how things¬†are looking. Still a way¬†to go but¬†things are moving which can only be good! If you are thinking about having your teeth straightened or are starting treatment, please feel free to¬†get in touch and I’ll try to answer¬†any questions you may have.

Three months into treatment

I cannot believe how much my teeth have moved in just three months! The gap at the front has nearly closed and my teeth on the left hand side look more aligned. I still have some time to go with the old linguals but just thought I would share an update with you.


Please excuse the DRY lips

I am due a hygiene appointment at the clinic with LLOC‘s orthodontic hygienist, Sarah Urquhart next month and will report back to you after my session with her.

Lingual braces on tour

I’ve just returned from a weekend away in Liverpool with my nearest and dearest. It’s safe to say that with 18 girls in tow, it was a two day party with many, many laughs. Unexpectedly, there was also a zombie themed Michael Jackson dance class which was awesome. As someone who is¬†currently thinking about teeth a lot, I surprisingly¬†forgot¬†to pack tooth paste. Luckily a kind friend offered to share her tube with me. ‚̧

Did my lingual braces taint the party? The difference with this trip compared with those gone by was really only my choice of dorm room at Hatters Hostel which was based on said-tube of tooth paste!

I brushed¬†my teeth more often and downed pints of¬†water between more interesting beverages to try to stay away from having a furry alcohol mouth. But alongside the fact that my choice of¬†room was full of lovely¬†friends, the things¬†that I had to do differently were few¬†and far between and didn’t affect the trip. My verdict: take as many breaks¬†away as you can, with or without braces. photo

Captain’s vlog

So here’s my first lingual brace¬†vlog addition! It’s been quite strange talking to a little hole in the laptop screen¬†but¬†I’ve tried to cover¬†a few eating tips, some¬†travel essentials and¬†how it feels to have the wire changed and tightened up for the first time.

The day after the braces went on

Sarah W. via Flickr (CCL)
Sarah W. via Flickr (CCL)

In a nutshell: Aside from a tight feeling on my top teeth, I haven’t felt much pain. (To be fair, I did swallow a few pain killers as soon as I got home from the appointment) The small lisp I have acquired wasn’t so bad¬†during the day but it did get worse during the evening when I felt tired. With this in mind, I was pleased to have come¬†across the passage below. It’s taken from¬†a great ¬†blog¬†created by a girl¬†who underwent lingual treatment a few years ago.

Inside I'm Smiling

I’m convinced that the only way I’m going to overcome my lisp from my lingual brace is to practice, practice, practice. The Rainbow Passage is a piece of text designed to contain all the sound combinations in the English language in roughly the same proportion as they occur in everyday speech. I’ve found it useful in identifying the sounds that cause me trouble with my braces so I can give them extra attention.

{via Picasa}

The Rainbow Passage

When the sunlight strikes raindrops in the air, they act as a prism and form a rainbow. The rainbow is a division of white light into many beautiful colours. These take the shape of a long round arch, with its path high above, and its two ends apparently beyond the horizon.

There is, according to legend, a boiling pot of gold at one end. People look, but no one ever finds…

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