Why did I get lingual braces in the first place?

After booking in for a last minute appointment this week (in a surprising un-painful fashion, my gum, got trapped between brackets but appeared to right itself a few days later) I found myself scanning through my orthodontist’s website and came across a video that I took part in before starting treatment. It’s a kind of patient story and was filmed last year. Strange to see it pop up again but I thought it would make a good addition to the blog and provide some more insight into why someone might want hidden braces rather than traditional ‘labial’ ones.


Three months into treatment

I cannot believe how much my teeth have moved in just three months! The gap at the front has nearly closed and my teeth on the left hand side look more aligned. I still have some time to go with the old linguals but just thought I would share an update with you.


Please excuse the DRY lips

I am due a hygiene appointment at the clinic with LLOC‘s orthodontic hygienist, Sarah Urquhart next month and will report back to you after my session with her.

Top lingual braces go on

I took the tube to Oxford Street for my first appointment on Wednesday and took it home again with my top braces fitted!

What happens during the appointment? My appointment lasted just under 2 hours. During this time, I had a chat with Asif before getting into the chair and having brackets fitted to the backs of my teeth. This was done by him with the aid of an orthodontic nurse. Afterwards, the orthodontic therapist, Fiona took loads of pictures of my teeth with a little wand device. This in turn led to a virtual 3D model popping up on a nearby screen. Apparently, this is part of the SureSmile system and helps their lab to create accurate, custom wires for future ‘tightening’ appointments. After this bit, the first wire was put on.

Sprout_Lightbulb  TOP TIP: Asif provided lip balm but it’s worth bringing your own along incase your ortho/dentist doesn’t have any. Your lips will get dry whilst they are fitting the brackets and wires.

Here are how my braces look.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 15.58.14

There was one burning question before this appointment, that only experience could answer… Would the fitting hurt?

A: No. I was genuinely surprised to find that the fitting of the brace wasn’t painful. Everyone feels different in the chair but I found that Asif Chatoo was super gentle and fast working. I also felt assured when he said that we could stop at any time. It was a little bit strange when I first lay back to have the brackets put on, as the chair is tilted quite a way back but it was not uncomfortable. One of the products used to spray on my teeth didn’t taste so lovely but aside from that, I felt relaxed and actually ended up zoning out! At the end of the appointment I was given a branded ortho-care pack to take away, a useful ‘how to look after’ tutorial as well as a warning of some upcoming dull aches and pains.

Tooth Rebellion


To be honest, my teeth were never much of a big deal before. Ever since the arrival of my adult teeth, there’d always been a big gap at the front. The gaps and slightly forward facing front teeth were put down to my thumb sucking as a child and after feeling a bit self conscious in my early years I decided that the best course of action was just to learn to love them. I laughed about them a lot and took great pleasure in pulling goofy faces and doing party tricks by sticking things in between them. In the end, I kind of came to like the old muckers.

At 14, I was referred to the local orthodontist by my dentist. A consultation and other conversations passed by and my mum and dad explained that this was the best time to do something about my teeth. My best friend, who was also starting her own orthodontic treatment had already got underway. It was the perfect time. Looking back, they were probably right. (Sorry mum!)

Unfortunately, these appointments took place during my heavy metal, days spent in dark bedrooms listening to Pearl Jam (they’re still great), baggy jeans and general teenage rebellion phase. It didn’t take long until I went off the idea. I didn’t want teeth like everyone else. Besides, I had a boyfriend, didn’t want to be a metal mouth and what about those elastic bands?

On the day of mould taking, I was in full rebellion mode. I lay on the dentist chair staring up at a polystyrene head in the orthodontic surgery. It stared back at me with a weirdly over-sized set of metal glued to its mouth. It was then, to my parents and the orthodontist’s dismay that I sprang up out of the chair and announced that I didn’t want braces ANYMORE. I didn’t care about my gaps and never would.

That little tale happened over 14 years ago. So why did I decide to come back to braces? In short, I had a wisdom tooth removed last year and since then I started to notice that my teeth were moving and gaps have now appeared on either side of my two front teeth. The other reason is that a few years back, I started to take my musical hobby as a singer and songwriter a bit more seriously. I recorded an EP and started to gig. Every time a photo was taken, all I could see was… the teeth! Oh how my mum and dad were right. After some thought, I decided to settle that niggling anxiety once and for all and give braces another go.

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