The joys of seeing a hygienist

Last week I decided to add a hygiene session into my usual tightening/ wire change appointment. I know that I sound pretty strange saying that I enjoyed my time having my teeth cleaned and scaled- it was great! Sarah Urquhart is the in-house hygienist at my orthodontic practice and her services are more than just convenient. As well as finding some common ground in our ancestry from up t’North, she was really friendly and the session was thorough and educational.

The best part of the appointment (which lasted around 45 minutes) was the Prophy Jet clean. Slightly contrary to use the words ‘gentle’ and ‘blast’ in the same sentence but this is exactly what the experience was. Sarah used the small hand held device to meticulously blast around my teeth just after she had completed her hygiene routine. There was definitely a ‘licking own teeth’ moment as I walked back to the tube station.

You can find out more about Sarah’s appointments here:


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