Lingual braces on tour

I’ve just returned from a weekend away in Liverpool with my nearest and dearest. It’s safe to say that with 18 girls in tow, it was a two day party with many, many laughs. Unexpectedly, there was also a zombie themed Michael Jackson dance class which was awesome. As someone who is currently thinking about teeth a lot, I surprisingly forgot to pack tooth paste. Luckily a kind friend offered to share her tube with me. ❤

Did my lingual braces taint the party? The difference with this trip compared with those gone by was really only my choice of dorm room at Hatters Hostel which was based on said-tube of tooth paste!

I brushed my teeth more often and downed pints of water between more interesting beverages to try to stay away from having a furry alcohol mouth. But alongside the fact that my choice of room was full of lovely friends, the things that I had to do differently were few and far between and didn’t affect the trip. My verdict: take as many breaks away as you can, with or without braces. photo


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