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At some stage last year, ‘lingual braces’ were brought to my attention. They work like train tracks but function from the back of your teeth. After some looking around, I was introduced to an orthodontist in the centre of town called Dr Asif Chatoo. I felt lucky when I found out that Asif is actually a highly regarded specialist in lingual braces. Soon enough I was going along for an initial consultation where I threw a lot of questions at him and got a lot of answers back! After diagnosis, Asif was also the first person to point out that my teeth are slightly too small for my mouth and that that was one of the main reasons for the gaps.

imgres There is a society dedicated to the lingual system system- It was here that I found out ‘lingual’ comes from the latin word Lingua; a term for ‘Tongue’. This makes sense as they are placed on the back of the teeth rather than the front and in this way, are nearly invisible. 

UPDATE | Mould-taking day came around a few weeks ago. The therapist explained that because lingual braces are customised, they had to take impressions of all sides of my teeth. Having the putty moulds put in and taken out definitely wasn’t my finest moment but the team were genuinely lovely and didn’t even bat an eyelid when my tooth got stuck to my lip at the end.



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